Sunday, May 26, 2019,

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Mr. Ramling Vishwanath

Shri. Ramling Vishwanath

Mr. Ramling Vishwanath Director

Mr. Ramling Vishwanath is the Chief General Manager (CGM) of SME Business Unit in State Bank of India. Mr. Ramling Vishwanath, a Bachelor’s degree holder in Science, is a seasoned banker in true sense with a rich experience of over 37 years in banking gained across multiple departments and positions. Mr. Ramling has gradually worked his way up the helms of banking, gaining experience in almost all key segments of banking in various capacities. His tenure in bank has also spanned working in diverse geography across the length & breadth of country. He took over the challenging role of head of SME Business Unit started in month of September 2017. Prior to current position, he has also led the Network as General Manager in Mumbai Circle. He is quick to foresee the changes in SME industry dynamics and under his guidance a dedicated team is also working on number of new initiatives as a part of future growth strategy. His leadership style is largely inclusive, built on taking initiative, providing guidance, team-building and mentoring future leaders.